Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics refers to the specific study of the equipment in the work environment and how employees and employers interact with it. This term encompasses the environment the work is being performed in, the work that is being performed and the tools that are being used. The main goal of office ergonomics is to establish the work environment in the most efficient and physically comfortable manner in order to support the employee. This attention to detail is set in place to keep the workers safe and comfortable and therefore, more productive.

When workstations are designed in an ergonomically correct fashion, workers will be less prone to the following issues: eyestrain and headaches, repetitive task injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis or carpal tunnel syndrome, and lastly, they will experience less back and neck pain.

Office ergonomics, when done properly, can greatly improve the overall comfort of the staff. Since workers are less likely to become injured from awkward work positions and repetitive tasks, they usually experience less overall stress.

The main focus of ergonomics is placed on how things are set up within the office work space including: the movements that workers make, how tasks are performed and if these movements are repetitive in any way. The set-up of the workstation is evaluated with how the employee sits and how long they will stay in particular positions. The lights, the noise levels and the temperature will all be taken into consideration within the specific work area. Lastly, the tools that are used to perform tasks are reviewed to ensure that they are set up correctly in order to meet the needs of the worker.

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