Work Injury Rehab

A program that helps care for employers who have suffered traumatic injuries both on and off the job or overuse injuries is worker rehabilitation. The goal of the program is to help increase the physical tolerance of the worker so they are capable of returning to work.

Work rehab programs are based around physical therapy treatments in order to help make sure a complete and timely recovery can take place. Therapy treatments are determined on biomechanics and body performance in relation to the affected tissues in an effort to help the patient return to work. The majority of worker rehabilitation programs need approximately 2 to 6 weeks of therapy.

Typically, work injury rehab programs will offer the following:

Return-to-Work Program: This program helps recondition people so they can work once again. Techniques involved include endurance, aerobic conditioning and job stimulation.

Prevention Services: Prevention services are in place to help the employee learn to take personal responsibility for being safe and for preventing an injury from occurring on the job.

Post-Surgical Rehab: It is common for patients to experience pain, decreased functioning, swelling, scar tissue development, loss of motion, general weakness and the inability to walk up or down stairs immediately after surgery. Specific exercises and physical therapy treatments can be performed at home and at the clinic to help them regain their range of motion and their strength to better manage these post-surgery problems.

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