Core Stabilization

Stabilizing one's core muscles is an important part of strengthening back muscles. Core stabilization techniques are used to help maintain and create an ideal alignment by strengthening the abdominal and other postural muscles. There are a variety of programs and exercises being offered by many rehabilitation and physical therapy clinics. These programs are in place to improve postural alignment by focusing on the back and abdominal muscles. Core strength is vital to maintain an individual's body mechanics in order for them to be able to perform their daily tasks and chores while avoiding back strain.

There are a host of benefits to core strength including: healthy curves of the spine and proper bone alignment, pain relief and helping the muscles maintain their normal length.

Dynamic stabilization is a term that refers to targeted exercises with the core postural muscles in the body. Typically, these exercises are performed by keeping your base and trunk steady and only moving one or more extremities. If there is any weakness in the core muscles, joint stress and back pain may become an issue. Dynamic stabilization exercises can be helpful in strengthening the core system in the body and this can greatly help to lessen and alleviate back pain.

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