Arctic PT 2014 Scholarship Winner

Renee Lepack is from Russel, Ontario and attends St.Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario. She is a second year student studying Behavioural Science Technology and plans on continuing on to University to further her studies in the field of mental health.

Message from Recipient:
"Wow! Thank you so much Arctic Physical Therapy! I am beyond grateful to have won this generous scholarship. Thanks for providing this opportunity to help us students pursue our dreams. I will be putting the scholarship money towards my school tuition; with this education I hope to pursue a career helping and supporting individuals with mental disorders and conditions. As a physical therapy client due to an ACL reconstruction, I would also like to thank you for all the work you do. Physical therapy provides more than the ability to live an active, healthy lifestyle; it offers opportunity for healing, independence and confidence in its strongest form. THANK YOU.

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