Physical Therapy Questions

Who can benefit from Physical or Rehabilitative Therapy?
The people who will benefit the most from receiving physical therapy are those individuals who need to build strength, increase mobility and flexibility, and those who are repairing and restoring injured parts of the body. Posture issues are also ...

What is required for my first appointment?
Make sure that when you come to your first appointment, you have a current list of all your medications and your doctor's referral. We also welcome any question or concerns that your may have. Please show up to the office 10-15 minutes prior to ...

What to Wear?
We highly recommend that you come to your appointment in clothes that are nonrestrictive, comfortable and athletic. It is quite common to have to perform a series of exercises during your visit and nonrestrictive clothes will be the most ...

Approximated Length of a Visit?
Typically, the first visit into the office will take a lot longer than any other subsequent visits. This is due to the time needed to fill out the initial paperwork and the extra time that the therapist requires for the initial assessment. ...

How Many Physical Therapy Treatments are Required?
Every individual needs are different and every treatment will depend upon the individual being treated. Therapy will be required until your physical therapist and you decide that you have reached the desired goals of the therapy or that it is ...

How Long Until I See Improvements?
This is again an individual thing that is determined by many of the same factors associated with how long the treatment will take. We will start any treatment by creating a plan that will include regular maintenance visits and follow up visits to ...

Physical Therapy vs. Occupational Therapy
Physical therapy works to restore the function of the back, neck, legs, shoulders, and the torso area. Physical therapist will often work with patients post-surgery and patients recovering from wounds. Occupational therapy has a goal of getting ...

Does the Physical Therapist Keep in Contact With My Doctor?
We will send a copy of the examination to your doctor after your initial evaluation is complete. We will also send your doctor progress reports at regular intervals in your treatment.

Will I Be Covered By Insurance?
Most insurance companies will pay for physical therapy and occupational therapy. However, some companies do not cover occupational therapy and only offer limited coverage. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider just to double check ...

Do I Require a Referral?
More often than not, insurance companies will require that you get a referral for physical therapy. You will need to bring your referral letter with you for your first appointment. Medicare will often require that the patient visit their doctor ...

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