TMJ Related Headaches

There are many people who suffer the pain of TMJ headaches. These particular headaches are some of the most misdiagnosed and least understood of any type of headache. Signs of a TMJ headache can closely imitate those of a migraine headache, tension headache, sinus headache, and cluster headache.

Kinds of Headaches:

Migraine Headache

Many TMJ patients endure severe headaches that are quite comparable to migraine headaches. The migraines are closely related to excessive stress placed on the joints in the jaw. Because of this stress, the muscles are constantly contracted or in conditions of tension. Facial muscles might start to cramp. This may lead to intense discomfort which could in turn result in light sensitivity and nausea.

Cluster Headache

Identified as being an unexpected burst of pain behind the eye, a cluster headache is far less prevalent than a migraine and tends to affect women more than men. TMJ headaches may present with intense pain on one section of the eye and might seem like cluster headaches, though, they're usually not classic cluster headaches.

Sinus Headache

Sinus headaches are pressure based headaches that frequently feel much worse when the head is tilted forward leading to added stress. A runny nose and earaches are often the primary indications for sinus headache. These sinus-like indicators may occur since the mouth, nose and ears are all related and in close proximity to each other. Some individuals experiencing TMJ disorder have reported having to deal with more sinus infections after they have been identified as having TMJD. Experts are not exactly sure just what the connection is.

Tension Headache

The range of symptoms felt by a tension headache might include a dull ache right up to sharp pains. Due to the tense muscles surrounding the TMJ area, the pain can be felt as a surface pain or can be felt down to the shoulders and into the upper neck regions. This pain may change while you're yawning, eating, or swallowing. TMJ tension headaches could be either pain that originates from the jaw and radiates to the temple area or referred pain. Frequently, the discomfort is described as feeling as if you have a rubber band or a vice around your forehead.

TMJ Headache Triggers

TMJ headaches can be induced by many things. For example: excessive physical exhaustion, tiredness, dental problems, hormonal changes as with those that come about during the menstrual cycle, trauma, grinding and clenching, cheese and chocolate, substance abuse and medication, particular foods such as MSG, changes in the weather, allergies, and poor posture.


To relieve the tension in your life, make a plan to help focus on things that you actually enjoy and make time in your day to get it done. Do not eat hard or chewy food products. Use ice or moist heat to aching jaw muscles. Stay away from foods that are recognized to trigger headaches. And finally, stay hydrated and watch your food intake.

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