Workplace Injuries

We all know that workplace incidents can severely influence a worker's physical and mental health. Legislation clearly states that the individual is eligible for receive suitable payment for the damages. Workplace injuries can result in a significant impairment which is damaging to the worker's personal life and work life. In the event that the organization fails to deal with these problems, the worker is entitled to sue the company for medical expenses and damages. This sort of court action can be quite expensive for an organization.

The Most Prevalent Workplace Injuries

Overexertion - Accidents a result of overexertion might include injuries from holding, carrying, lifting, pushing, and throwing activities. Among the studies and the surveys, this has consistently been number one among workplace injuries.

Fall on Same Level Surfaces - This type of damage typically takes place when a person falls and slips on a wet or slippery surface. Additional related examples include slips and falls especially by the elderly on snow covered trails on their way to work.

Fall to Lower Level - Falling to a lower level occurs from a raised location such as stairways, ladders or roof tops.

Bodily Reaction - This type of damage is often caused when trying to avoid a fall after slipping or tripping.

Struck by Object - When an object is dropped by someone or falls from shelving, very serious accidents can occur.

Struck against an Object - Each time a man or woman mistakenly runs into solid physical objects just like walls, windows, doors, chairs, or tables, and strike their body against an object, an injury may occur.

Highway Accident - This type of injury is similar to any regular traveler using automobile transportation, nonetheless involves employees for business uses.

Trapped In/ Compacted By - In this form of circumstance, an accident usually occurs in a factory environment where large and dangerous equipment is commonly used. Occasionally, little or no provision in its usage may endanger the safety of its workers. An additional example of this type of work place injury is exposure to abnormal temperatures.

Recurring Movement - This type of injury is fairly common in the workplace, even though it is perhaps the least apparent injury. These injuries can be one of the more detrimental injuries to long-term health.. Repetitive motions including using the computer 24/7 and typing can strain the tendons and the muscles ultimately causing vision problems, back pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Assaults and Violent Acts - Situations such as workplace quarrels or office politics have unfortunately led to significant physical injuries for some people.

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