Back Pain

Practically every person sooner or later in their life will encounter back pain. The Mayo Clinic has indicated that almost 80% of all US Residents encounter back problems at least once in their life time. Back pain is a type of factor people visit the doctor and therefore are staying home from work.

Reports from the National Health Service or NHS, UK indicate that lower back pain is the largest reason behind work-related absence in the United Kingdom. Most lower back pain is not deemed serious, however, some types of back discomfort can result in mobility concerns and cause extreme discomfort. Back pain can affect people of all ages, even though, it is more prevalent among adults between the ages of 35 and 55 years. A number of experts believe that lower back pain is a member of the way our ligaments, muscles, and bones in our backs cooperate together.

For example, lower back pain may be related to the discs in between the vertebrae, the bony lumbar spine region, spinal cord and nerves, discs between the vertebrae, the pelvic and abdomen internal organs, the skin around the lumbar region and the ligaments around the spine and the discs. Pain situated in the upper back area may be due to spinal column joint inflammation, chest tumors and aorta ailments.

What are the risk factors for lower back pain?

A risk factor refers to something that enhances the probability of developing a condition or a disease. As an example, individuals who are extremely overweight are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, making excessive weight a risk factor for Diabetes.

These risk factors have been associated with developing a higher risk of back pain: A mentally stressful job; Anxiety; Smoking; Depression; A sedentary lifestyle; Gender, back pain is more common among females than males; Age, older adults tend to be more vulnerable than children or young adults; Pregnancy, expectant mothers are much more likely to experience back pain; Intense physical work; Strenuous exercising, especially when lifting incorrectly; Obesity, carrying additional weight may cause back pain.

What are examples of the indications of low back pain?

A symptom is something that the sufferer reports and feels, whereas a sign is something other individuals, say for example a doctor diagnose. For instance, a rash can be a sign and pain could be a symptom.

The primary manifestation of low back pain is a general pain or aching on any part of the back. From time to time, these symptoms can go right down the buttocks and the legs. In the majority of instances, signs and symptoms go away within a short time period on their own.

If any of these following signs or symptoms accompany your back pain, it is important to see your family doctor: Inflammation in the back; Pain down in the legs; Swelling; Elevated body temperature or fever; Persistent back pain that does not feel better with resting or lying down; Difficulty urinating; A recent trauma, injury or blow to the back; Urinary incontinence as in you pee unintentionally, even in tiny amounts; Numbness around the genitals, anus, or buttocks.

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