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"I was one of the first patients at Arctic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. I was in a car accident and was in a lot of pain. My neck was hurting so bad and I could barely turn my head. My shoulders were affected as well. After the first two weeks I noticed a big improvement, and was able to participate in life again. The hands on therapy and exercises helped me to move without much pain, and my arms have not been bothering me since. I am back at work and participate in recreational activities as needed. There is nothing bad that I can say about this clinic. I would recommend Arctic Rehab and Physical Therapy to all my family and friends." - Scott M
"For 13 years as a personal injury attorney I've focused on helping my clients deal with life altering injuries. And yet for decades I had never taken the time to address my own accumulation of injuries and growing limitations. Rather than healing, I was settling for less.

Until I became a patient of Miranda Montejo and the staff at Arctic PT. I can literally raise my hands in support of the work they helped me do - because I can raise both my hands all the way up over my head again! Arctic PT made me an integral part of my own healing process - their experience, education, equipment and unflagging positive commitment to my recovery kept me going and helped me exceed my goals and incorporate what I've learned into a healthier, less painful, and more functional life." - Jason S
"As a highly active and athletic person, I was devastated when my knee could no longer keep up with my lifestyle. Instead of seeking care, I tried to work things out on my own for a few weeks. This led to compensation, more pain in my knee, and more pain all over my body. I finally sucked it up and visited Arctic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy. Within 3 sessions I was able to see a huge difference. Not only was I walking better, I was no longer compensating and damaging other parts of my body. My therapist has been able to break down movements that I was unable to do, and build up my strength and flexibility in order to do them correctly. My friends and family have noticed a big change in me as well. I am so thankful that I gave Arctic a shot because they have truly helped me get back to living the lifestyle that I love." - Marissa N
"After undergoing a spinal fusion, Arctic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy helped me get back on my feet. When I first went to therapy I was scared to move and participate in life. My physical and mental barriers affected me more than I realized, but with great service and an appropriate plan of care I am now able to do what I enjoy. I can walk long distances, work out at the gym, socialize with friends, and travel without having to worry about my pain affecting me. Arctic therapists guided me through my post operative rehabilitation and helped me gain my strength and confidence back. They are more than just a therapy clinic. They are people who care for each individual and provide great costumer service. That speaks volumes these days because good people and good services are hard to find." - Carol S

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